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Welcome to ICLight Healing, Lisbon 🇵🇹

Pure-El & Ira Maor

Your hosts: Pure-El & Ira

Hello dear ones!

Thank you for checking out our page and upcoming 2nd EES center, in Lisbon, Portugal 😇

We are on a mission to expand accessible coherent & life changing self-healing environments with comfortable and at home like experiences all around Europe 🙏

We are currently offering a HUGE 50% OFF discount for pre-paid packages for our upcoming 12/24 EES in or around the Lisbon area (exact location not determined yet).*Discounts may reduce for future purchases as we get closer to the opening date.

Additionally, as a SPECIAL BONUS for the opening of our 2nd EES center, you may chose to already use now or anytime later, up to half of the discounted credits for having sessions at our existing ICLight Healing location in beautiful Marbella (Sierra Blanca), Spain - the first European opened 24 unit EESystem. We’ve had so many wonderful people visit us from Portugal already 😊

With the rest of the credits you can stock up to secure the huge discount of double hours when the system is up and running sometime in 2024, as a thanks for helping us to fund some of the investment costs in advance.

3 discounted options with 50% off (30 EUR per hour):

- 24 hours package - 2 night stays = 720 EUR

- 72 hours package - 6 night stays = 2160 EUR

- 144 hours package - 12 night stays = 4320 EUR

You can redeem this hours in multiple 12 hour night stays (most loved, comfortable and effective session type from our experience with over 300 members in our ICLight Healing in Marbella), where you will have a comfortable mattress, pillow and blanket. You can use this either just for yourself or also split it between your family and friends together.

IE: the 6 nights package (72 hour) can be used for 6 separate night stays for yourself or for 3 nights for one couple.

*Kids and Animals will be able to come for FREE with paid adults, on a more limited schedule, as part of the ICLight Healing standards we already use in the Marbella center :)

To book your package or ask further questions, please first submit the form below to become a member of our community (no commitments, just technically required as part of our setup being a “Private Membership Association”), and then Pure-El will send you back an email with more info, payment details and an optional appointment booking for the Spain center.

In addition to that, we’ll send you a link to our growing private telegram group chat with over 140+ members that have either come already to our location in Spain or are looking forward to come to Portugal. Members share testimonials, and we also share different self healing knowledge between each other.

Any issue with submitting the form? Send an email to Pure-El at:

Lastly we want to say, whichever is your situation or the one of your loved one/s, you can heal yourself, with the combination of more energy, coherence, increased self-awareness & knowledge - everything is possible. Have faith in yourself! Remember who you are.

We’re looking forward to see you soon, and we send much love and good energy your way 🙏

Pure-El & Ira Maor

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